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♣︎Awesome people who made these covers♣︎
Eclipse Ecliptic cover is made by @sunswept @KittyOnKeyboard made Adventure Awaits cover.
Kusko(Dunno how to spell her username) made my profile picture! Credits to her. (Old pfp, still use it on yt)
♣︎My OCs!♣︎
1. Mizu 2. Dori 3. Sorairo (mascot) 4.Fire 5. Water 6. Earth 7. Air 8. Ini
9. Mayu
10. Pie
11. Dream.
P.S: If you ever see one of my stories somewhere in a different website other than Wattpad, that's not the original owner. Contact me (on here) if see one of my books on a website thats not Wattpad.
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MizudoriSorairo MizudoriSorairo Jul 24, 2017 10:13PM
Woohoo! Finally updated a new chapter of Constellation Camp. Sorry for the delay everyone. My lazy self is getting to me.And summer is about to be over. :(
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Constellation Camp (Zodiac Story) (Discontinued) by MizudoriSorairo
Constellation Camp (Zodiac Story) (Discontinued) Random
This isn't your average summer camp as you thought. Constellation Camp is one of those secret camps that outsiders cannot discover. Only the chosen ones only know, not even their parents wouldn't know. Then their t...
Eclipse Ecliptic (Zodiac Stuff, not story) [Completed] by MizudoriSorairo
Eclipse Ecliptic (Zodiac Stuff, not story) [Completed] Random
Note: I'm actually not to update this book anymore. Last chapter is a cliffhanger. Book Cover Made By: @sunswept Published On: March, 17, 2017 Current Rank: ??? Highest Rank: ??? Note: This book is discontinued, BU...
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