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Hello guys! To all who have begun to know me, I am a passionate reader. I am not listing down books in order. So please do not be mad if I read other books before your own.

Also, unless I am on vacation or the weekend, I will only vote and write one comment at the end of the book expressing my thoughts.

Still, you are welcomed to request reads. Some restrictions may apply as I am not a fan of EVERY genre.

Δ Science Fiction
Δ Fantasy
Δ Teen Fiction
Δ Paranormal
Δ Romantic Comedy

° Write a sci-fi novel
° Write a Christian novel packed
with adventure
° Write a fantasy novel

Δ Spanish (first language)
Δ English (fluent)
Δ French (Basic)
Δ Italian (Basic)

I've decided to make my first books private. If you'd like to be a Beta Reader please pm me about. (I'll be announcing it's launch after I write the first few chapters.)

You are allowed to:
° Read private chapters after a follow
° Comment insight thoughts
° Point out grammar errors
° Have fun!
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