Quotes/Conversations with my friends/family:

@PTSD_015 : What if Thanos was in Paw Patrol?
@PTSD_015 : Would they have succeeded, unlike the Avengers?
Me: *nervous laughter*

@Katastrophix : Snick snacc my anxiety attacc

Sister: I want something hot to drink..
Mom: Tequila
Me: *chokes*

My brain: Did you fall off the toilet or did the toilet fall off you?
Me: Y e s
My brain: Wait, what-

Mom: Is it mega-bits or megabytes?
Me: Megabytes
Mom: Oh
Me: Mega-muerdes

Mom: I made this tamale extra big so I'ma add more meat
*papers fall*
My sister: ...I don't think grandma liked that

Me: That meme is dead..
@PTSD_015 : As dEad as PhiliP
Me: wAIT-
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