Howdy homo sapiens! My name is Missey (It's a nickname) and I'm a 18 year old happy laddayyy
- I LOVE reading which is why I'm here obviously. Anything along romance, humor, adventure and fantasy.
- Favorite color is Yellow.
- I'm random and very sarcastic (in a friendly way!)
- My favorite books have to be the Vampire Academy series. TeamDimka cause he the sexy man!
- I like listening to music. Any language but they just have to sound good to my ears.
- Favorite movie? Can't decide between Finding Nemo and The Truman Show.
- Favorite cartoon? Ben 10.
- Favorite TV show? Don't have one!
- Favorite song? Don't have one!
- Favorite parent? *whispers answer quietly*

Well, that's about it folks. I'm not as interesting as Kim Kardashian so I'll just stop here before I turn this into a very bad dating profile.

NOTE: Anyone advertising their stories on my profile page will immediately be deleted unless I allow you to post.
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    Bathroom....jokes ;)
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    Sep 30, 2009 07:46AM
Missii Missii May 01, 2016 02:42AM
Hi guys, I've been notified by a reader that a person on Wattpad who goes by the name Rose_bows, has stolen my story 'Gangsta' storyline. I have read the first 15 chapters and it is completely like t...
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Gangsta (Discontinued)

Social data: 2M reads. 37.6K votes. 4.9K comments.

Description: What happens when an assertive kindergarten teacher who hates violence and anything to do with it crosses path with the cities most notorious gang leader? A whole sh*t load of drama and unwanted desires.


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