I'm actually a mug... 
forgot about this profile and wattpad it's literally been over a year bear with me guys.

you could say my profile is undergoing maintenance re-adding/re reading everyone's stories ect...

damn I missed this site

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MissUnderestimated commented on Nothing Was The Same. - #FRESHERS2014

Really respect and appreciate how real you're being by posting this/ taking the steps to improve your life.   I think you should give counselling a chance it can only do more good than harm. I'm applying to uni atm and some of the things you're talking about e.g. ACS I didn't think uni esp like Russell groups would have the whole school type of atmosphere with girls behaving intimidating. Hang in there and I hope this is a great year for you.  You're a really great writer and I hope you become a really great barrister some day too.