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Call me Mysty! ( ˘⌣˘)❤ I write fantasy, run contests + a book club, and provide writing and Wattpad tips!

I don't bite. Only nibble. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

My fans, who honor me daily, call themselves @Mystynytes and have their own profile!

Having graduated UCLA with a degree in English and a minor in Film/TV, I now professionally edit, write, blog, and cover books/film for Hollywood production! I'm also 24 years old, and my real name is Henry.


Soul of a lady, balling like your homeboy. Precisely six inches high and rad indubitably. Smol is I.

DON'T BREAK THE RULES THO. Imma watchin u like... (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

Stop by 'Mysty's Big Help' for contests / help or my book club 'Mysty's Book Club' for peer reviews! I run the @PsychologicalNovel profile as a community admin for Wattpad, too!

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WARNING: the dominant ladies I write might step on you!

Elise Runs and Dorothy Falls - Featured Beginning June 23, # 39 Fantasy: my best work, a fantasy LGBT romance full of adventure 🌅⚔️

The Temperature of Frost - Once Featured, Wattys 2016 Award Winner, # 3 Adventure: psychological fantasy, horror/psychedelia 🌡❄️

Mysty's Big Help - # 1 Non-Fiction: tips for writing, Wattpad, getting votes, contest info 🔑❤️

Mysty, A Nerd Unglued: art book, random, reviews, music 🎨🎸

The Writing Life: writings tips as I write 📓💕

Formula 2 WhereWolf? - # 77 Paranormal: a paranormal black comedy with bloodshed 🐺🎧🌌

A History of Ghosts - # 19 Adventure: anime-inspired high school adventure🎐🌸

Sign into 'Mysty Reads Anything!' if you'd like me to read your book, or 'Mysty Makes Your Cover!' to enter a monthly cover raffle!

Original music and videos are sprinkled throughout my books! See my YouTube below!
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MissMysteryGame MissMysteryGame Apr 27, 2017 09:01PM
"Elise Runs and Dorothy Falls" will begin its featured stint June 23, 2017! I'm very pleased to have this summer slot because the first few weeks are the most important for a featured story and Wattp...
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Elise Runs and Dorothy Falls (Book 1 of E&D) by MissMysteryGame
Elise Runs and Dorothy Falls (Book 1 of E&D) #106 in Fantasy
Steal a loaf of bread. An adventure begins. On the run in a magical world, however, Elise--an ordinary girl orphaned after sky pirates kill her parents--plows into Dorothy Blainwick, a young and powerful witch with...
Mysty's Big Help by MissMysteryGame
Mysty's Big Help #6 in Non-Fiction
Done FUN: insider help from a longtime veteran writer, Featured Author, and Wattpad Ambassador! Tips on better prose and grammar, getting more reads and votes + contests! ~~ Updated Sundays!
The Temperature of Frost by MissMysteryGame
The Temperature of Frost #604 in Adventure
❄️Featured and Watty Award-Winning, this is the strangest book you'll ever read.❄️ A dark psychological fantasy wherein a girl loses more than just the love of her life by betrayal... She loses her mind. And so fre...
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