Hi, my name is Ashley Marie Nestler.  I am the published author of "Beautiful Nightmare: Some Dreams Become Your Reality" which is now on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and my author website!  Here are the links:




I also have an author blog where I write about my tips and tricks for getting published. I also post a writing challenge for each day and make a shout out to a writer that stands out to me on Wattpad every week! I also do book reviews, so if you would like a book review please check out my guidelines and feel free to contact me about a review! Please check it out:


I write for the voices that aren't heard, of the problems that society hides. Too many are forced to silence, and my writing is a cry for help for them, and for me. Most of my stories are dark, but some of the darker things have the most feeling.
Romances are my weakness. I am a sucker for a good romance novel. I dream of love and the joys in brings. I guess I am just in love with the idea of love, and that is why I write romance, mostly historical romance though.

I am also asexual which means that I am not sexually attracted to either sex. I am working on getting this sexuality more widely known because I believe that everyone is born just the way that they are and ignorance is the worst threat to all humanity.
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Please check out my first book review for my novel, "Beautiful Nightmare"!
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