Name's Nicole, but please call me Nikki. I'm an INTJ, so that alone should tell you more than enough about me if you know your personality types. But, if you don't, then here's a bit about myself. I'm twenty, five three and secretly obsessed with physics. I wear a lot of black, mostly to feel like a cool kid or Neil Gaimen. Right now I'm pursuing a career in film and writing but do cosplay and YouTube videos on the side for fun. Naturally I'm a redhead, my eyes change color from green, blue to grey but mostly they're teal-isn on occasion they can be golden-ish. I'm a real life alchemist as well as a Vulcan born in  Russia, but I'm pretty damn American.

I'm a hopeless fangirl who hopes to one day win the Pulzier Prize in Literature.

You can also find me under Mishkali on AO3.
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