"Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee." ~Stephanie Piro

Hi :) I'm Misha. I'm a 22-year-old girl who could probably read before she could walk. Here is some arbitrary and completely useless information about me:

I get emotionally attached to random inanimate objects, like coffee mugs.

I love gutsy funny people like Tom Lehrer, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard, and Lenny Bruce.

I suffer from Katsaridaphobia, which is just a fancy way of saying that I have a complete meltdown whenever a cockroach is near. What’s that you’re saying? “They’re harmless”? Pfft. That’s what they WANT you to think.

I'm a lifelong bibliophile, cinephile, and shameless geek.

I don't believe in censorship.

I'm currently studying for a Bachelors in Creative Writing, even though my true dream is to be obscenely rich and famous. I think I'm getting there.

Don't take me too seriously. I don't.

A few miscellaneous things I dig:
-Anything steampunk
-History (especially the bits of it that are just batshit insane)
-the Victorian era
-Vintage photographs
-Dr. Martens
-Old movies
-castles. Real ones. (Neuschwanstein in Bavaria is my favorite. Seriously. Google it. It's gorgeous.)
-Douglas Adams
-Proper animated Disney films
-Polar bears

I’m pretty much all over the place. Half of the time I have no idea what I'm doing.

If you read through all this useless information I commend you, and wish you fun, adventure, and really wild things. Embrace the ridiculous, spread the strange.

I have a blog. Go check it out if you feel like wasting a few minutes of your life: http://coffeeandstrange.blogspot.com/

Follow me on Twitter! When I'm famous you'll be glad you did it. Promise.

And take a tumble with me.

[All my work is copyrighted under the C, D & P Act 1988.]

*Artoria Gibbons on my background, tattoo attraction at carnival sideshows back in the day.
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Description: "If the world can’t handle the truth, give them a spectacular lie." Bitch. That’s what they called me at my old school. I disagree: I’m just brutally honest, that’s all. Some people don’t like honesty. Exhibit A: Matthew’s family. None of them wa...


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kiara_abel posted a message to MishaHicks
Hey. Please read this. I just want to say that faking it is truly, without a doubt, the most amazing thing I have read on wattpad. It has so much depth it's unbelievable. It is so cliche and yet it defies all cliches. It is so eloquently written that I feel extremely self conscious writing this because I feel like you'll judge me in all your literary superiority and yes, I did just go back and fix my spelling and grammar mistakes. I don't even care that you don't update the story. I am simply grateful that you bestowed us with such _________ (I don't have any words to describe the beauty that is faking it) But I recently discovered that you are, in fact alive. I legitimately don't care about any of the thousands of other readers but it would make my day, scratch that, life, if you even told us why you apparently gave up on it.  or if its not too much to ask..  maybe update? 
lexiblake25 posted a message to MishaHicks
      So, I've just read Faking it again after like a GAZILLION years, so I'm 99.69% wrong about this, but have you changed anything in the book like even a little bit? No? Okay, ignore me :3
      And all the best with whatever you're busy with? :D 
KristineDawnB posted a message to MishaHicks
I started reading Faking it before I noticed it was not finished which I must admit is a bit upsetting as it is so AMAZBALLS!! I really hope that u update it maybe someday in the future as I am totally in love with your writing! 
toggier posted a message to MishaHicks
This comment may be offensive.
Hello I just started faking it and I just love it, but the thing is I saw you didn't updated for a long time so I'm sort of afraid I'll be disappointed at the end even though a part of me still wants to continue your amazing story so it would be cool if you just let your readers know if you're still alive, fine and finish faking it 
      ps: sorry if my english's shit it's not my mother tongue 
fitymi posted a message to MishaHicks
Oh holy crap are you back on wattpad it's been two years since you updated  anything and Faking It is the best book on this site and i just noticed that you changed the covers on some stuff please reply so we know you aren't dead