I am a total and complete fan of @mindlessbhavior i love them so much people often call me obsessed i am 17 years old turning 18 on the 6th january 2013 and i am in year 11 of a kinda good high school i have great friends and no i do not have a boyfriend due to the fact that ive had my heart broken once to many times anyway,I was reading a book called the mindless experience and the ultimate mindless dream and that made me want to get an acount on wattpad and start to write a book myself.

I am going to start writing my first book soon i can't wait and hopefulyy going to meet mndless behsvior in the near future as they sre due to come back to london before the end of the year hopefully.
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ShockWaved ( A Mindless Behavior Sequel )

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Description: this is going to be a totally mind blowing story there may be a couple rated r scenes but its a romantic book it would be boring without a little passion and its basically about i dont know yet when i decide i...


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