Hello world and all who inhabit it, here is my attempt to create a description so buckle your seatbelts and get ready for disappointment...yay

In all honesty, this literally takes hours to make, mostly because my mind does not want me to succeed and I can't think of anything creative for hours so I just end up watching tv

I'm not exactly sure if I was meant to write books but hey, some of you might like it right? I'm more of a music person and more of a singer.

I am just a silly high school kid who loves to read. Like I said I am more of a singer and my favorite thing right now are musicals.(*Is musicals?)

Anyway, that is all folks...until I can think of something else to write in this silly little bio

Peace out!!

P.S A book will come out soon I've just been really busy lately with school but now I have more free time
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