My name is Mimi(Short for Michelle ) and I'm a very friendly person!!!!
Ok, that was a weird beginning for this!☺️
I love dogs, especially Jasper, my little cutie on my profile picture.
And I love Music!!!! I love love love music!! I play the violin and piano🎹🎻:)
My favorite color is Lavender and I'm kinda discreet online.
I love writing stories and reading books;)
My favorite types are Scary, Funny and Romance;)
Expecially Harry Potter!!!! (My life)
Gryffindor pride!!!! (And a hint of Slytherin;))
ANIME MOTHER F U C K E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope u enjoy reading my book(s)!!!!

Happy reading!

Love and hugs and kisses xoxoxox!!!!!

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Story by Mimi Wang
The Child of Time by Mimi-Michelle-Malfoy
The Child of Time
Mabel Jane Meers is only a young child- an 11 year old child. The world has turned against her and she has to...