Yeah I haven't updated anything for so long I'm sorry. But, I might again soon. Someday.
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MillsJane MillsJane Mar 18, 2012 07:11AM
I am currently writing the next chapter for 'Wings' and I'm creating a picture of the protagonist. 
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Fallen from Grace

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Description: Meet Grace, your normal red-haired brown eyed girl. Except for the fact she is the disgraced daughter of Poseidon. She broke the Ultimate Law not to speak to a mortal, and therefore was banished to live among...


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Everybody knows the story of Alice Kingsleigh and how she went to wonderland. What they don't know is ho...

Aurore le soleil: A Cinderella story.

Aurore le soleil: A Cinderella story.

17.4K 462 170

*Note: I am halfway through editing, so some names may be different, and some bit may not make sense. An...

Wings (A Faerie's Tale)

Wings (A Faerie's Tale)

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'I am running. Without thought, without being conscious on my actions. All I know is that I must run to...

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