Hello! My name is Millie and I am terrible at writing introductions cuz I'm already stuck. Ugh 😩, I guess I'll just have to list things about me then, so here goes:

1) I'm Italian, but I wouldn't say I was fluent in Italian, the only reason being is that I always forget simple words, e.g. cucumbers

2) I love reading! (Obviously or else I wouldn't be here)

3) I also love drawing! People and animals are my favourite

4) I'm really not that interesting so I'm just gonna say I'm 13 (update: I'm 14 now yaay)

5) I have a dog called Ollie and STICK INSECTS!! They're soooo cute but my best friend hates them and screams when she sees them 😂😂 which is also why of course I love putting them in her hair

6) I might write a book or two but gimme some time cuz I've never ever written one before

And that's about it apart from the fact I'm addicted to Wattpad and that right now I'm trying to find my shoes before my friend picks me up from school and that my dog is wailing like a madman, oh wait no I know where my shoes are now, I remember! Anyways... that was a pointless introduction which I should have probably done after school instead of before. Baaaiiiiii!
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