Hey there! I'm Sarah and I'm a 14 year old. I like reading a lot and I never really took up writing because I'm not really great at it. English isn't my greatest subject but my bestfriend inspired me to write. I couldn't seem to find anything to write but I have my moments. I was told that I'm creative, so I try to open my mind to ideas. Anyways, thanks to those who read, comment, and vote for me. I'm really glad that you guys enjoy reading my work.

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MilkMoustache MilkMoustache Mar 04, 2011 12:02AM
@mystery_reader Really? Thanks so much! I've never been praised this much, haha xD. Sure. I don't mind reading stories 8). Well I am kinda new, sure! That'd be awesome!
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Night Owl

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Description: Autumn Grayer is truly a one of a kind. Her love for animals make her a vegetarian. She has two pets and her nanny Crystal as company, Crimson is a one year old female fox and Riley is her 5 year old male dog...


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