I hope you guys like it! im starting a new type of story https://www.wattpad.com/story/99954454


Annyeonghaseyo! I'm so sorry if this bothered you but i'm self-adverstising cuz i do not have a life of my own. If you would like a book cover, i have shop on my account! Lol idek g'bye


Hey when your writing a story and it says whatever number "parts" how do I do that? I'll have my table of contents but it will only say "0 parts"


I love your bts
          It makes me very happy
          I'm also going to read your other book
          But I also hope you update the bts book


Hi! I see that I'm your first follower and I don't understand why because you are FLIPPING AMAZING!!! I love your book with BTS in it and I hope you update soon! Sayonara!!


@MILKKTAE- why are you being sorry?! Don't be! I was just surfing wattpad and saw that and thought u mistakened sayonaro for annyeong 


this message may be offensive
@PiperQueen274 yo I’m so sorry you had to see this shit I posted. I’m seriously questioning why I was such a nerd back then.