So I am sure that you really don't want to know every last detail of my life, and I don't want you to know. I have to have some secrets:)! 


I live in Troy Alabama, and have lived no where else but Alabama my whole live.
I am almost 21 and I am in college at Wallace Community College in Dothan.

I love to write (obviously, or I wouldn't write my lovely stories for you all) and I have been writing since I was 14. I have written over 34 serieses, if that is a word, and I know that is a lot, but I literally have no life what so ever. Or I didn't until I got into college, and half the time I still don't have one. The first book that I wrote on here was Silver Moon, thanks to my wonderful cousin Kamryn Warren, and I think it is good, but it is up to y'all to decide whether that is true.


Please read my stuff. I love to write like I said and I like to make things good for y'all. I'm hoping it all works out for all of us in the end, but if you want, I don't want to steal your ideas, but if you have ideas that you would like to see in the books that I am writing, I would appreciate it if you told me and gave me a little constructive criticism, because I want everyone happy with what I write.

One extra thing...

I do not and will not write erotic or sexual scenes. I know a lot of y'all are into it, but I'm not. Haha. Not judging if you are. We all have our things, mine is just not that. i love a little romance, but I don't go all into it. If that's what you are into, then my books aren't for you. Unless you just love reading, then I got you. ;)

Anyway. (yes I say "anyway" a lot in my Authors Notes sometimes, but oh well.)

Enough about me, even though this is all about me, and read what you want. If you want me to read your stuff, I so will. I want more stuff to read, so give me good books, and I will suggest some to you!

Love y'all.

Live, Laugh, Love, and Read On!)
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