I'm an upbeat, energetic, and overall positive person. However, my stories might often reflect the negative aspects of life. While not *all* of my stories are pessimistic or sadistic, I can guarantee that a lot of them will be as my collection begins to expand on this website. That being said, please do not take my writing style to mean that I am depressed, as a lot of people mistakenly do after reading what I have to say. The negative worldly views portrayed by either my characters or diction are interesting to dwell upon, despite their contradiction of many of my personal philosophies. However, I think that exploring the more negative aspects of life in general is key to both understanding the world around us and coming to terms with how life should be lived.

Ultimately, I am here for two reasons: To expand upon my writing and to help others expand upon theirs. Any comments on my stories are greatly appreciated; likewise, if you're looking for a review as well, just ask and I'll be glad to give my personal input when the time allows.

- Mike Alexander
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Nine Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds

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Description: A phone conversation between two individuals on a Suicide Hotline. Rated "R" for anti-social behavior, drug references, language, and violence.

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