Well...I'm not very good with these kinda things so I'll just give you a few facts about me.
1) I love all kinds of music.
2) I play sports. Mostly Soccer, basketball and softball.
3) I love horror movies. ( I sometimes laugh at them, but I don't know why)
4) I play the violin in my schools orchestra.
5) My favotite color is purple.
6) I love animals and want to volunteer at an animal shelter.
7) I want to be a forensic scientist. (some people think that makes me creepy)
8) I've been writing poems since I was in 3rd grade.
9) I love to read and I'll read any type of story once to see what it's like.
10) I can sing/rap extremely well according to my friends, but I think I'm average.
11) I'm kind of a nerd even though i don't even try to be..
12) My favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day which makes sence for me cuz I'm Irish.
13) My favorite thing to do is ride roller coasters
14) I'm not very good at writing stories.

If you have anything else you wanna know you can ask.
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MikaylaMcDade MikaylaMcDade Jul 07, 2012 01:55PM
@Zoethebabe15 Your welcome adn it's okay I understand adn thank you for fanning me back! XD
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