Heyy. My name is Myka but i like it when its spelled Mika (x
i like making stories :)
My passion originally was singing but writing stories is just my hobbie.
Oh, im from asia ;) so im asian. You mad bro ? xD
Im living in Hong Kong but im a proud pinoy :)
Im a proud directioner (x
Me and my friends are currently making a story so im gonna post that soon :)

Thats all i can say (x
bye for now :)
x Mika (:
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    Hong Kong
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The X-Factor Journey (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

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Description: Gwen Walker is an ordinary girl from Ireland, she always dreamed of being a professional recording artist. One day, she decides to audition for the X-Factor. When she was lining up in the huge line full of peo...


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