I'm definitely weird, bordering insane, but I am who I am. I will not put on an act just so you will like me because then it's not really me you like, and lets face it, that's exhausting.
I'm easy to talk to (so i'm told) and i'm not afraid to talk to anyone, so if you want or need somebody to talk to....
I am 18 and very short. (This being the inspiration for my nickname that doubles as my profile name) I embrace it though, it's just another thing special about me.
I have had a bit of a rough time lately, but I believe things are beginning to brighten. Writing is something I go to when in need of solace or to relieve all my built up tension. (A great stress reliever indeed)
I love to write. That being said, I know I can improve and not everything I write is good. I do not wish to offend anybody with the content of my writing, if so, I do apologize in advance.
Oh! If You have read this far, You should check out majority of the people I have followed. Their stories are amazing and inspiring!
p.s. I'm not someone that will fan people just for the numbers, If I like your writings then You Will be deemed fan worthy.
I Hope You Enjoy, Britnie
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