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There's not much to say here is there? I guess I could start, with my upbringing with impeccable manners, by saying: 'Thank you for visiting my profile.' If you are here hoping to find philosophical answers to many of the unanswered questions we have in this world, then you're in the wrong place. Sorry about that.

To pass the time here are some useless facts about me...

If you haven't noticed I like to ramble, a lot. I consider it one of my dwindling useless talents, as the problem with useless talents is, if you don't use them, you tend to lose them.

I'm from London but I'm studying in a northern city. I have a very uneventful life which I am not going to discuss in much detail as it would be tedious and somewhat dull.

I always thought it strange when someone wrote their life story on one of this 'profile pages' on a website. It's not as if anyone actually cares that you have a white cat called Boo Boo and you were once held the 17th best time in the country for speed stacking. I hasten to add, these events are not true to me but merely acts on fiction within my mind.

Fiction seems to be a big part in my life. I do tend to spend a lot of my life reading an assortment of very strangely titled books. During my lifetime most of the books which I have come across with the long and elaborate titles, tend to be the most dull to actually read. Perhaps this is because the overall complexity of the title makes up for the lack of substance or poor plot within.

As you can probably tell I love music. I love writing, listening and playing it. I play the guitar, violin, piano, ukulele and I sing. I am in a band with some school friend and we have a very strange name!
I like many types of music which I'm not going to elaborate on. I also like languages. I believe communication is very important. English, German, Korean.

Well done for reading this all. Do you feel enlightened?

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