Hey guys! Glad you took the time out of your lives to come take a look at my stories. A little note to you all updates will most likely be slow as I need to feel inspired to write. I don't wanna rush my stories because I want them to be good and enjoyable. If you all have any suggestions or tips I would be happy to hear them. I hope you enjoy the stories I will be posting here.
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Stories by MidnightShard
Fire and Fury by MidnightShard
Fire and Fury
Fire. The flames burning consuming all that they touch. A little girl sat amongst the destruction; frozen wit...
The Path to Destruction by MidnightShard
The Path to Destruction
Dragons. Beings that are common place in mythologies from around the world; seen as ruthless, fire-breathing...
Short Story Book by MidnightShard
Short Story Book
I will be putting short stories I write into this book. If you have any requests just ask and I'll see what I...