Hi. I'm a person who lives somewhere, possibly, maybe. *suspisious look*

I'm one of the nicest yet randomest person you'll ever meet... =$

I LOVE ... Rock music, pretty little liars, V.D, Grimm and Gossip Girl =D

I like romance, paranormal, teen fiction and werewolf books

I fall asleep a lot sometimes, and I can be very forgetful. I'm really clumsy to, but shhh!

One day I will; learn to fly, become a fairy and be a fashion designer... Don't judge me, it could happen =)

Caution, I may contain traces of peanuts, milk and/or soya.

Also, if your reading this - CHECK OUT HER STORIES N STUFF ( http://www.wattpad.com/user/IndigoSky_ ) She's awesome and I love her ^.^

You're all awesome - Lucy xoxo <33
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