hi guys, my name is michelle and always know that scars are scars.
no matter how much you give, they never fade away.

~ ∞ about me ∞ ~
wow, so interested in me. well um here are a few things about me.

• cheesecakes are my weakness.
• strawberries are awesome.
• my passions are:
- the arts (writing, art, singing..)
- physiology, i know how it feels to be called insane, crazy, and messed up in the head.
- nursing.
- child care provider because together, we can end cruelty to children such as abuse, neglect, or starvation.
- veterinarian because just like children, we can end the animal starvation, neglect, and abuse.
• i have a strange obsession with boxes..? XD
@moremichelle_lei ; second account - update: i forgot the login for this account.
@kichelle123 ; duet account with kayla/petals.
• i have server mental issues; depression, anxiety, ptsd, adhd, insomnia, bulimia, cyclic vomiting syndrome, social anxiety, asperges, a dandy walker variant, dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder), and i now think bipolar disorder and bipolar depression.

okay, stalker, if you want to know my social media, it's located down there!
instagram~(in progress)
tumblr~(in progress)
polyvore~michelle-leiding-123 (may polyvore rest in peace ;~;)

soo i reached some of my read goals! thank you ladybugs~!
100 ✓
500 ✓
1,000 ✓

my favorite music: hm. metal/heavy metal/punk/screamo... i think you get it. but i also love rock and classical rock.
  • “people get scared, wanna know what scares me? the people i love and care for, fading away.” -michelle 2k18
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