Well I live on the third rock from the sun, commonly known as Earth, and take my inspiration from everything around me as well as what is going on in my head (trust me, there's enough of that for a lifetime of books).

When I write, I try and write from the point of view of other people and what they might be going through, very few of my poems are written from my point of view. I find that most of my poetry is rather dark but I usually post my nicer poetry on Wattpad. Most of my poems are spontaneous so I have taken to having paper on me at all times!

At the moment I'm mostly working on poetry but when I have the chance, I will start to write some novels, which the ideas for have been sitting in my head for some time.

What else should I put in an about me? Hmmmmm...Well I'm sure if you want to know anything you will just ask me. I don't bite(most of the time anyway) and I'll answer as long as its a reasonable question.

Have fun doing...um...whatever you are doing...

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Poetry-The Dark Ones

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Description: This is a collection of my poetry that is somewhat sad and dark.


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Poetry-The Happier Ones

Poetry-The Happier Ones

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Hi Michelle,
      I just came across this site and one of your poems!  I was wanting to use a verse from "I am a Nomad" as a caption to an Instagram post I am doing for a contemporary jewellery gallery called e.g.etal in Melbourne, Australia.  I just wasn't sure how to list you as the writer of this verse or even if this is allowed!  It was going to caption a beautiful necklace by a jeweler who named the necklace "Nomad"...
      Can you let me know if this is ok (totally understand if it is not), and if so, how can I credit you?  Thanks for your time - you have such a lovely way with words!
      Kind regards,