M. Edward McNally is a North Carolinian of Irish/Mexican extraction. Grew up mostly along I35 northbound (KS, IA, MN) and now resides in the scrub brush surrounding Phoenix, AZ, where the scorpions and the javelinas play. MA in English Lit from ISU and Russian/East European History from ASU, though both date from an earlier era when there was a lot of Grunge on the radio and Eddie wore entirely too much flannel, even in the summer.
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MichaelEdwardMcNally MichaelEdwardMcNally Feb 17, 2013 05:21PM
@qorvus Thanks and back at you, I think we've met on some facebook pages before if I'm not mistaken - Andrew, is it?
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The Sable City, Book I of the Norothian Cycle

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Description: The first volume of a Musket & Magic fantasy series: The Norothian Cycle, by M. Edward McNally. An epic adventure combining Polynesian, Asian, and Classic Fantasy (more European) motifs. Presently five volumes...

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Devil Town, Chapter One

Devil Town, Chapter One

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Chapter One of the forthcoming fourth volume of the Norothian Cycle by M. Edward McNally, continuing the...

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The 22nd and 24th President of the United States of America

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Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. But girl's dog hates boy's guts... (I put out a lot of old short storie...

The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead

The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead

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A short story set in the world of the Norothian Cycle, a Musket & Magic fantasy series combining Asian...


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