~Be the type of person that when you feet touches the floor in the morning The Devil says, "Aww shit... They're up."~

Before you start reading the rest. Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face! Come on baby! Show me that sexy smile of yours. Good.

Yo! I'm Metalicana.

Things I like: The list is so long. I'll summarise it tomorrow. ;) But I really like doing nothing when I'm not reading or gaming.

Thing I dislike: stress, low battery, low resolution videos, the time it takes to reload a gun in a game, unloyalty and school.

No actually, I don't hate school. I'm just not necessarily excited with the existence of homeworks, some teachers, exams and alarm clocks.

Hobbies: I have lots o- Oh, Hello Monday! Why are you back so quickly? Don't you have a hobby?

Dreams for the future: My goal is to live a life I don't need to take vacation from.

My Best-friends (break her heart and I'll break your face): @animerunner1823

~ Side by side or miles apart. We are sisters, connected by the heart~
My Happy cadet sister: @theocmaker
My cute little imouto: @Alphonse_Is_Bae

-May the odds be ever in your favour
-May the force be with you
-Winter is coming. Winter is here
-The world is not in your books and maps. It's out there.
-I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
-They are f*cking with the wrong people.
-Now bring me that horizon. Drink up me hearties yo ho!
-I am not a psychopath, Anderson. I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.
-Suit up
-I'm Batman

-Stay Low, Go Fast-
-Kill First, Die Last-
-One Shot, One Kill-
-No Luck, All Skill-

See ya later my alligators. But....

I'll be back.

~When life puts you in tough situations, don't say "Why me?"
Say "Try Me!"~
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