I think I should update this info...
Domo Minna-san! The name is MetaMegu, Meta or Megu for short (MEGUMEGUFIREENDLESSNIGHT-shot-)
Here are some things 'bout me
Things I like/do
pokemon,anime,reading manga,playing video games, playing card games(i'msuchaloser), daydreaming, drawing, sleeping, play League of Legends (told myself not to rage, this happens) Slice of life Anime, underrated anime
Things I hate
uneven objects, logic that makes no sense, the Crooked man that watches me in my sleep...,trolls, tear jerking animes(butIstillwatchandlovethem), people who constantly say -Insert anime name here- is the best anime ever over an over which makes feel neglected to watch that anime, spoilers if you spoil something for me, I drop a series for like half a year until I forget everything
Quotes and philosophies:
"Don't let your dreams just be goals"
What I say to people who loves -insert popular anime here-
"Please sit down, watch some slice of life, not the popular ones, underrated ones, tell me what you think after you wipe all your tears"
Reasons why I dislike mecha? Because when I see people fighting on robots I'm like
"Both of you get off your freaking robot and freaking punch each other"
My favorite animes
Polar Bear Cafe yeah judge me ; w ;
Gugure! Kokkuri-san!
Kill la Kill
Gekkan shoujo! Nozaki-kun!
Cuticle detective inaba
Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
Cute high earth defense club LOVE
Nurahiyon no mago
HadiGirl Manga 2.5
Is The Order a Rabbit?
Wattpad family in the making
Waifu: @TheNobleCrook
Cinnamon roll: @Rektangl
The squid: @Skullphantom199
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SORRY EVERYONE FOR BEING INACTIVEFirst of all I hope everyone had a nice holiday and a good new yearsI haven't been uploading lately, and sorry for my excuses of saying school is a pain, but really...
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