Ruby Uchiha: *glances at you with her arms crossed* Hn, hello everyone and welcome to our sharred account of Shinobi, and Divinity 

Merged Ruby: *smiles at you happily* Hello everyone! Did you all miss me!?

Priestess Ruby: *looks at you without emotions in her eyes* Hello everyone

Weiss: *looks at you, and smirks*Nice to meet you all.

Author-San: *sigh* Yup they are all crazy motherfucker...... Anyway hello everyone! And welcome to my account, hope we can all be friends! ^^

Author-San's Wattpad Family: @kage_Aya youngest little sisters.
@-Angel_Ruby_Rose- Second little sisters. @CrazyDavePVZ Little brothers. @BlazingNexus Second little Brothers. @JakeSebby Third Little Brothers @animewriter127 Third little sisters. @LonelyGo First older Brothers. @spookybuddies Second older Brothers.

Me: Well that's it everyone, hope we all can be friends, have a nice day everyone bye! ^^

Merged Ruby's Quote
"There is no need to ask me why. I'm only repaying you mortals of the pain and suffering that i suffered in your hands. Justice is absolute, and suffering is inevitable. Prepare to die."

Ruby Uchiha's Quote
"What's the point in living in a world where happiness is fake? I will rewrite reality, and erase hatred. Those who stand in my way are as good than dead. I'm only doing that for everyone's happiness."

Priestess Ruby's Quote
"Look at me! There is Nothing in my heart, i Don't feel pain any longer. Reality is cruel, even the most foolish innocent child full of happy dreams that i was will change when knowing what despair is!"

Weiss' quotes
"I'm no one, I Don't want to be anyone. All I care about is to end this cursed reality, and start a new world of dream. You are in my way, now prepare to die."

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