I'm a mother of four children, one teenager, two pre-teens, and a special Bella bear that's not yet in double digits. I'm also the author of the popular Count on Me series, the Love United series, and the pro-wrestling themed Black and White series, of which Heroine is the newest released. 
I'm honored to mother the autism/special needs based house, in which everyone who lives here is on a spectrum in one way or the other and will use my platform as a writer to highlight the different spectrums in various ways in order to get a dialogue going.
I spend way too much time on Facebook, speaking my mind, and also spreading the love, both to friends on my personal page, and authors I absolutely couldn't live without on my author page.
Wanting to get words out to masses lately, but having time constraints as a mom, has made me turn to WattPad, as a method of getting the words out to people that know me previously, as well as new readers, so we can always stay connected in the world of reading, one way or another.
I live by two mottos #payitforward and #loveyourfaces
If you're down with either, I'll be seeing more of you super soon.
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