1) I'm in love with Luke Hemmings.
2) I'm in love with 5SOS. [But Luke is my main guy]
3. I'm in love with all their songs.
4. My favorite song is Heartbreak Girl... from 5SOS.
5. I'm the weirdest, most annoying, dirty minded person you can ever meet [probably because I talk about 5SOS or Luke half of the day]
6. I'm a grammar nazi when I'm not lazy. So whenever I make a typo in a comment or something I freak out for no reason.
7. I'm that one person who says they don't ever blush but then everyone starts telling me I'm really red around a specific person :/
8. I'm not athletic but I do love dancing.
9. I can be a really bitchy person when I want to be, but
I'm a generally nice person. Sometimes I'm just in a really bad mood. Or if I'm mad at one specific thing, I'm mad at everyone.
10. The only times I cry or when I read wattpad, get hurt, or watch 5SOS interviews because I know I'll never meet them.
11. I'm that one friend that everyone says things to and is not allowed to tell anyone so when shit happens and everyone's clueless I'll just be coughing in the background like *hint hint* *cough cough*
12. I hate when people interrupt me. Like I'm sorry but did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours? I was speaking first so shut up.
13. I feel like if I have an idea, know an answer, or think of something first but someone else says it and I'm like "I was thinking the same thing!!" The other person doesn't believe me and I have to prove myself. It's weird.
14. I hate that they're so many fans of 5SOS and they're like "I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!" But I'm just there saying "NOT MORE THAN ME!!" It's like I have to prove myself to them. So, I start singing every song ever of them. Hopefully, I'm not the only one like that.
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Melspenguinxx Melspenguinxx Aug 22, 2017 02:13AM
Today was the first day of school and I am already in a really embarrassing situation. I want to crawl in a hole and die due to the humiliation. I'm not excited for Wednesday.
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