I've been writing for years, and I want to continue, though I'm not planning on pursuing it as a career.

My name is Melody - though my friends call me Mel. I am old enough to know what life has in store for me, without honestly expecting it.

I haven't gone through much in the way of devastation and loss; and not many struggles, either.

What I write tends to be... Depressing. That's not the kind of person I am most of the time. I love to laugh. And I love to joke.

I live in the United States, in the Midwest. I've been as far West as Colorado, East as New York, South as Florida, and North as Michigan. In case that matters.

What else would anyone want to know about me?

~Age: Old enough to know not to share that.
~Gender: Female
~Siblings: One brother
~Relationship Status: Single and LOOKING!
~Listening to: Not sure, but I'm sure it was by The Script.
~Just Ate: Breakfast
~Just Drank: Water. Gotta stay hydrated, you know?
~Just Read: A couple of stories on here because they asked me to.
~Just Watched: Looking for a particular actress, so a bunch of random Netflix movies.
~Last Facebook Login: Yesterday
~Last Twitter Login: Forever and ever ago. I don't even use that shtuff.
~Last Tumblr login: Right now!
~Other sites I check often: Neopets (Yeah, yeah, I know. Laugh all you want), Proboards, Write or Die, Google

Anything else you want to know? Just ask. ;)

I am a strong believer in feedback, good or bad!
I pledge to write a comment on every story I read
Whether it be on this site or on another.
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Featured work.

Letters to a Boy

Social data: 338 reads. 19 votes. 4 comments.

Description: A crush spelled out in love letters. A girl loves a boy, and wants to tell him everything, but finds letters are much easier than actual conversations.

12 Parts - Completed

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