Hey there!! My real name is Melany and I really don't know what to put on here. I like TVD, Supernatural, Moonlight, Teenwolf (Dont know it to well), Ghost Whisperer, ect, ect...

I have a preverted mind..... I admit it and sometimes it gets really bad... I'm trying not to write fanfics anymore but it's hard but it's also getting a little easier.... I'm thinking of not writing fanfics for a while until I've written more of my own ideal stories...

I love to read and write... I will no longer be reading fan fics that are suggested or whatever to me but if it's a story based on ur own idea then i'm all for it... I take requests to read stories that are based on ur own idea, nothing else.

The onlything I do with any fanfictional stuff is rp sites on Mixxt so if u want to join any of the ones ik or own then feel free to tell me in anyway u can except for the comment on my stories part. Either inbox me or ask me on my profile.


Okay, I'm still writing fan fictions but I will be writing stories of my own idea at the same time and it might take me a while to post them so I apologize!

Welcome to my profile! If you want to find more stuff out about me then don't be afraid to ask! Love you people! Don't forget to vote, fan, or comment about my stories! It would mean so much to me! <3

VISIT THIS CHICKS PAGE!!!! http://www.wattpad.com/user/FaithGangl SHE IS ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!! She's my best friend :3

She is having a contest... MUHAHAHAHA LOL. This is what she said, "In spirit of Halloween creepy/scary things will be posted on here everyday. Scary story a day, and maybe new scary profile pics and backgrounds who knows. ALSO (let people know of this) if you want to post an idea for a creepy story, or one written and to scared to publish you may message me or comment. I prefer messages but either way. ALSO SEND IN PICS AND MAYBE THEY WILL BECOME MY BACKGROUND OR PROFILE PIC."

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Description: Upon Adeline, Michael, and Selene's adventure, they will be in Antigen for 12 years. What will happen if Eve-Selene and Michael's child-doesn't know which one is which and frees the both of them? Will they seperate and never find one another or will...


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