I'm desperate for some Sabrina Carpenter or Maya Hart smut  (g×g). If ya'll know any good imagines / oneshot or stories PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!


@ Melanie0800 hi I have one


Because today is the day of love, I want to get to know my followers a little more, so I came up with a few ideas on how to do that. You can either: 
          1) DM me a book idea! 
          2) I can read your book and add a review at the end with my thoughts and opinions.
          3) Just DM me saying hi. I like talking to people 
          Love you all and hope to see that some of you will take part in this fun activity! 


@Melanie0800 read my story called The New Girls


I'm so grateful for you lovelies and the amount of love I've been getting on my book Too young.
           I have a question for you guys do you think Maya's going to have a GIRL or a BOY ? Swipe up to leave your answer. 
          First 5 who get the answer right will get a shoutout!!!


Hey darlings!
          I just wanted to warn y'all that I won't be updating all of my books at the same time. Once I write a chapter for a book I'll publish it, so get ready for random updates. I also want to apologies if I don't update a few books for a while, it's or because I'm taking a slight break from them or having a writer's block. Hope you guys understand. 
          Love you all ❤❤


I understand. I hate writers block