~>Heyyyyoo there my newly found friendoodle! ❤️<~

I'm Meg, your friendly neighbourhood Heart Queen (inside joke, don't ask). I live for hearts, friendship and of course happiness! These are the three things that shape my life in every aspect! ❤️

I am a happy-go-lucky person, who respects (and accepts) all religions, sexualities, opinions, races, etc. I believe everyone is equal and no one is to be judged - there is good in every person, no matter how deep down it might be buried! 〰❤️〰

I write in multiple genres as I am still trying to find the right one for me ❤️ English is not my home language and thus I make uncountable mistakes - if you find one of these, please tell me! I accept criticism as it helps me write better and also improve in English! ❤️ I also try to break as many possible stereotypes in my stories!

=Stories I'm currently working on=

-The Switch
-We Are In War
-Quotes for the Soul

=Stories on Hold=
-Out Of The Woods
-The Changing

I love helping out wherever I can, so if you need some advice, hop on over to the pm's!❤️: D ♡

I do take take read requests, but at the moment I am very busy so I won't get to them until a bit later. I will read your story and leave you a review in the comments (if you'd like a full on out honest review I will do that in the pm's AND NOT IN THE COMMENTS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - no matter how good your story is!) The reviews I leave in the comments will never be there to bring your story down and will always have a positive vibe! #nohatespread ❤️

I take follow requests as well, as I do not follow every person that follows me!

~>Lots of Love<~
(And ❤️ emoji's)

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The Switch (new version) by MegsGaming
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