Hey guys. This is a shared account just so you know. Chat me up, I love to talk...um, neither of us like getting pictures taken so don't expect a million pictures of ourselves like some people..

About Megan:
-My favorite color is black/white/green
-I have two dogs
-I have no brothers
-I have one older sister
-If I could change my name I would change it to Mya, just cuz.
-I'm 16 years young.
-I'm pretty damn shy but once I know you i'm not at all.
-I have some problems in life but doesn't everyone? <33

About Zatanna:
-My favorite color is yellow/navy blue
-I have a kitty named Nellie
-I have 2 older brothers who are very over-protective.
-I'm a terrible speller..
-My best friend is the chick up there ^ she keeps me sane. ;)
-I have an obsession to emoticon thingies... xD :3
-I'm 15 years young (almost 16)
-MTrench 4eva! ^.^
-We both live in a small crap town in the U.S...not fun :/

We aren't sure whether we will actually write any books or not but you'll just have to wait around and find out won't yuh??? ;)

I plan on fanning everyone I think is cool! Mwahaha, so yes, that means mostly everyone. :) It would mean a lot of you fan back but if you don't want am I gonna do? Hunt you down :p
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