My nickname is Ginger:) 

I am rewriting my story the Art of Aging in the hope to make it more mainstream. I may even change it's name (again). For now I'm also working on a new story called Incarcerated. As I age, I realize more and more just how stupid I sound sometimes so stay with me.

Things I love: Alternative bands, being alone, reading/writing, watching horror or sci-fi movies, Oreo cookies, my backyard, my bed, painting, and being random. Oh and my mom.
About me.. Okay I have like so many hobbies I lose count. I have headphones, as everyone puts it, "attached at all times" to my ears. I can paint and draw pretty much anything. I'm extremely dedicated to school and consider myself hardworking (a.k.a I'm the smart one). I love all forms of entertainment-books, movies, TV. Just don't ask me to go shopping. I ship Dramione, Reylo, Bellarke, and Klaroline so much like ALL of them need to be together. Back on topic, I like all genres, but I'm a sucker for romance, werewolves and vampires:).

I was taught to write well (not good) by my teachers, so I don't usually make grammatical errors. Like mixing up to and too. I can't stand that. Anyway, I'm more of a reader than a writer, but everyone tells me I should try writing and so here I am. Well I don't know how to conclude this so goodbye and hope you enjoy any stories I may write!
P.M me if you want me to read any stories, I'm a busy girl but I can try and make room on the weekends:) Read On!
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Its funny how people unfollow you. Like what did I do to you... I especially love when they unfollow me and then follow me right after. That way its in my notifications.... 
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