Good day to all my lovely and supportive, followers/readers!
          	Oh my goodness, I just realized that I forgot to make my final decision from my previous announcement post. I'm really sorry since I was really busy and didn't find the mood or time to do it. I hope you all understand!
          	Anyways, it's official. I will stop updating my fanfictions and I want to focus on chasing my dream. I read a lot of replies from my last post and I was happy when you guys are supporting and encouraging me to follow my next passion so I really appreciate your replies and kind words to each and every one of you! Also, to those who are new followers or those who are looking forward to more updates from my works, I am sorry if this comes adrupt to you guys and please don't be sad. However! I have good news!
          	All my works will remain here so feel free to re-read my works anytime you want. I might drop by from time to time when I had the chance to check if there is something for me to change to avoid any mistakes or misconceptions on one of my stories. 
          	Before I would end this post, I want to say thank you again once more for enjoying my works. I apologize if you see any typos, grammatical errors or any random error that you see in my works but I do my best to correct them for you guys. I also want to thank you guys for following me and making me laugh and smile when I see your comments. I love you all and to be honest, it feels hard to say goodbye. I guess that's why I wasn't able to make a big reply to my last post, haha.
          	Anyways, that's all from me guys and please take care! Stay hydrated, stay positive and I hope you guys follow your dreams too if you do have! 
          	MegaBlazethecat, signing off!


@MegaBlazethecat Im glad you decided to follow your dreams, best of luck to you and btw I love your stories and always will!!


@MegaBlazethecat I wish you all the best ❤


          Can I translate your ''Levi Ackerman'' story?
          I am Latina and I am using the translator.
          I really liked the story and I wish more people could enjoy it without necessarily going to the Wattpad website to translate it.
          Well sometimes the translator doesn't work and it's a problem :/
          I can do it?
          If you don't accept, don't worry, it's fine.


Um...hi are you planning to continue Akashi seijuro boyfriend scenarios?i really like it 


@todomomoshipperuwu ooo okay! I’ll check it out


Awh that’s sad, I was going to ask the same question for the Bakugou one. But I’m very glad they are chasing their dreams!! ❤️


author chan quit wattpad back in november for them to go chase their dreams, so they unfortunately won't be completing any of the bf scenarios