When I use a word it means just what I want it to mean, neither more nor less
- Lewis Carroll

I'm 18, in my second year of Sixth Form.
Dark blonde/Light brown hair that used to be half purple.
Blue but very non-poetic eyes.

I read and I write and I draw.

I like stories about strong women and mysteries and magic and bad people getting overcome and love and friendship and fixing broken things and the past and kind words and bravery and more love.

I like music by The 1975, Queen, Nirvana, Muse, All Time Low, 30 Seconds to Mars, Joan Jett, David Bowie, Fall Out Boy, Arctic Monkeys, The Civil Wars, Tonight Alive and Florence and the Machine.

I like to act and think I'm pretty good at it. Metamorphosis, We Will Rock You, Grease, Rent, Half an Idea, God spell, Teechers.

People call me a radical Feminist, but all that means to me is that I wholeheartedly believe men and women are equal, rape culture is a genuine problem, traditional gender roles should be eliminated and to be honest, that never hurt anyone the same way prejudice, stereotypes and hatred have. All women are equal to all men, whether those women be feminine, masculine, unshaven or shaved, thin, fat, black, white, whatever. Just the same as I believe women suffer from the image society expects of them, men too also suffer from this very same problem. #yesallwomen

I'd like you to read one of my stories. It's OK if you don't like it, but at least tell me why.
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The Loud Crowd

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Description: ~Sequel to The Rock Rollercoaster by Meg-is-Blonde~ The girl who used to infuse every song with as much emotion as possible is worn down with loss and tragedy. Shielding herself from pain and hurt has cost her a lot. But the show must go on. A to...

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The Rock Rollercoaster

The Rock Rollercoaster

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Lyra is suffocating. Suffocating in a small town, where music is virtually non-existent. It's for this r...

I don't know if anyone still cares anymore, but the changes in The Rock Rollercoaster & The Loud Crowd story covers on here should indicate that I have returned from  my Wattpad hiatus. No promises just yet, but I fully intend to (finally) be completing The Loud Crowd - it's nearly done as it is. I hope you'll all forgive me, and there should be new chapters (maybe three - five?) up as soon as I can manage. To anyone who's read this far: thank you, and I'm sorry.
There are so many things wrong with writing and so many things are expressed negatively through literature (the total abuse disguised as BDSM in fifty shades anyone?) so can petty fangirls please get some perspective?
One of my characters calling One Direction "useless pretty boys" (which I admit to being an example of poor writing on my part) is not me being hateful in a way that is outrageously offensive in any way.
I can never stress this point: writers shoiuld be free to express their characters without fear of hate. The only time you should criticise is if what they've written is directly, seriously offensive. (e.g. racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist).

Useless pretty boys.
@IrishBritishAussie I don't know why I'm bothering to reply to this pointless comment, but I'd like to direct you to a few facts: 
      1. My story,  my words. although this was written years ago and I might not write the same thing today, I am free to write what I want to write. 
      2. The mere title 'Steal My Girl' suggests women are property to be owned or stolen, patronisingly calls them 'girls' despite it being likely that they would never refer to themselves as 'boys'. Also, "my" implies direct ownership. 
      3. No matter how shitty my future might be, it will be a lot more meaningful and exciting than a pop song sung by a group of little boys.