Writer of YA and NA literature, black tea enthusiast, lover of classic fiction and all thing Peter Pan.

The work that I post here on Wattpad (except my poetry of course) will not be in final draft form and is, admittedly, also not my best work. I still love it, even if it's rife with romance and cliches and other possible eye-rolling moments! Read at your own risk.

My other interests include: traveling, campfires, black tea and strong coffee (and I mean STRONG), October nights, winter accessories, family and friends, all things lemon flavored, volleyball, fiction, and my tabby named Clover!

Back in the good ole days when I first posted The Shades of Alabaster, it made it to # 1 on both the fantasy and the adventure hot list! That was very exciting!

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The Shades of Alabaster

Social data: 8.4K reads. 1.9K votes. 956 comments.

Description: --Quick updates-- Sixteen-year-old Rhona Gustave is forced to ally an enemy in order to save her mother from an unfair execution. Falling in love with that enemy was never a part of the plan. Rhona is a smal...

#40 in Adventure


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