hello, it's your friendly neighborhood assassin!

who am i kidding?

"i was killing before killing was cool"

anyway, i'm virgil.

because i probably should have these on here, use they/them pronouns for me.
also i'm a smol panromantic asexual bean, so if you're a homophobic asshole, then 'scuse me, could you please leave?

i'm band trash. (well, at least for MCR, P!ATD, TØP, & FOB)
^hey look i used uppercase letters, appreciate it

also huge harry potter nerd, and in slytherin
and huge percy jackson nerd, child of poseidon
and miss peregrine's (it's cool, sue me) not really sure yet, i'll get back to you on that
and RWBY (it's an anime on youtube) and i have a team called SSTM
and divergent (the end f*cked with my heart) i'm in dauntless
and maze runner
and stranger things
and the lord of the rings
and doctor who
and death note
and a slight obsession with attack on titan (*causally plays theme song*)
and yuri!! on ice (thanks tatum)
and fairy tail
and gravity falls
and camp camp
and supernatural
and i'm working on more book/tv series, so they'll probably eventually be added.

should i bother with the ships that i ship? (geez that's a lot of the word ship)
eh, doesn't really matter, because in the end, they all aren't real


btw check out @Zelilmonkey she's cool

did i mention that i'm part of the phandom? no? well i did now

i don't come on here as often as i did, but i'm writing a story now so that's fun.
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Story by virgil
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