I am autistic I am kind and can be a bit of a knucklehead (in a good way) I have trouble speaking irl aka holding a conversation that doesn't interest me I do not like hate speech against people Unless it's a debate on a certain political issue in which case go ahead just don't say hurtful things about them I also dislike feminist people who are so Wound on women deserve this and that You don't deserve anything you earn it I support the whole feminist movement But I don't support those using it as a way to get what ever they want I dislike those whom abuse their power it's not right or nice I dislike Super OP stories not saying their not good just too cringe for my liking I also dislike the major harem of like 20+ some girls not my style 1-2 girls max I love history mainly ww2 since my great grandfather served in it near the end against the Japanese also No racial insults or anything about religion or you need to do this or that bc my lord says so I don't care I'm 'Christian' but I'm also not I believe in a higher power but I also believe that science also have some effect on the world and etc.
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Hey guys I just wanted to recommend this amazing author @Ian_Star205 His books are pretty good his naruto one especially check it out show the dude some appreciation
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