We are doomed to normalcy if creativity ceased to exist. 

Maybe I should have started of with a rap...

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MarvelousKid MarvelousKid Dec 18, 2015 03:05AM
If you all still exist and don't mind that I've been absent for what? 10 years? I lied it was only for a few days. i lied again... Just check out what i recently posted before i grow a nose!  Its som...
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Under the Nights of Terror

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Description: Does your door let in a little light when you sleep? Does your phone glow as a notification chimes in...


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Recommended Dosage

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Hopefully you're as worldly as I pretend to be. Welcome to my home away from home. I've decided to crea...

Barney vs The Listers (on hold)

Barney vs The Listers (on hold)

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When rumours start flowing about a group of boys called the Listers had made their selection for who is...

Confessions of my hijab, Its my beauty.

Confessions of my hijab, Its my beauty.

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i wrote this poem so people could love and embrace there identity instead of hiding away, No regrets, ju...



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