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@MarvelFanFicRec  Hey can you check my Fitzsimmons fanfic it's called We're Cursed by: (me) Love_live_smile


And if you're ever looking really hard, check out or archiveofourown. They both have really straightforward tagging systems and allow guest readers, so it's really easy to find stories about a particular character.


           I have looked through your reading lists and noticed that there are none of Prim's ( @arrow_to_the_heart ) books. I know that they are a tremendous writer with amazing fanfics. Just to name my favorites, Collision Course, Ablaze and Unleashed. I honestly don't know how she hasn't been featured yet. Please consider it, because I think they really deserve it.


Hi! I was wondering if you all would take a look at my Avenger's Fic: Mercy. Based on a young woman, Bella, who has to fight for her freedom from Hydra. 


          I just released my Avengers Fanfic, Rose Red. 
          I have only ten chapters out so far. 
          I was hoping that you could review or recommend it. 
          Thank you! 


Hey! I recently published a new edition of "Mischiefed Love" which is now called "Of Malice Comes Mischief" and is currently under edition! 
          If you'd like to check it out and perhaps give me some feedback, I would truly appreciate it! 
          Thank you!