I'm Marta Daniels. Pleased to meetcha. I'm an author and what else? Lets see, some things about me. I'm cute & quirky, smart & sassy, & a little clumsy! I love God, my husband, my family, great movies, phenomenal books, the word awesome, & CHOCOLATE!

I've done a little of everything when it comes to employment. Retail management, telemarketing, house cleaning and salsa instructing, just to name a select few. Interesting story behind the salsa instructing, considering the fact that to this day I have no idea how to salsa...remind me to tell you all about that one day! The job I have the most experience in? Waiting tables. I am definitely a Veteran Server. Over ten years in the biz. My first book is called "How to be a Better Restaurant Customer". In it I explain how oftentimes, when a restaurant customer has a poor experience while dining out, s/he did something unintentionally (I hope) to sabotage their own experience! My book is a humorous look at how restaurant customers can avoid this, to insure a better time while dining out.

I have three websites: How to be a Better Restaurant Customer and I'm Saved in the 21st Century, and Marta Daniels. My restaurant site talks about, well, how to be a better restaurant customer; and my saved site talks about salvation: why and how to get it, how to keep it, and how to navigate the 21st century as a saved and sanctified person. Salvation is easily the most important thing in my life. I want to see Jesus when I die, and be with Him in Heaven. But salvation has intense meaning and value for me hear in this life as well! I was a fall down, full out alcoholic destined to drink myself to death, and five stints in rehab (I'm talking the 30 day kind) did nothing to help. Getting saved in the biblical sense literally saved my life and rescued me from alcoholism. I met my wonderful, charming and handsome husband Tyson in the church (Greater Christ Temple, my pastor is none other than Bishop Carl E. Holland, presiding prelate of the
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