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I’m a crime fiction Author, born 1947, spending much of my time untangling the stories in my head into tales of alienation and enchantment. I put my characters through hell, thinking of ways to intertwine my life encounters into their fictional lives.

My introduction to books was at the spritely age of 11, when my grandfather bought me William the Detective. It grabbed my attention and I have not ceased reading since. It has reached a point where, to avoid divorce, I have to smuggle books into the house without my wife (‘Higher Authority’) seeing them. This is a bit rich actually, since shoes are to her what books are to me, but in the interest of matrimonial harmony, I apply a Nelsonian eye to any pair of shoes that I catch sight of and have not seen before. Higher Authority, on the other hand, is very strict with me and she has hinted darkly at introducing a stop and search regime as far as I am concerned. She often chooses to bring my manifold faults and transgressions to my attention as I am about to slip off into dreamland. I do, of course, pay close attention, but in the words of the old “curtain lecture” much of what is said “goes in one ear and out t’other”.

I am still a practicing lawyer which leads to many an inspiring thought day to day. When I am not practicing law or writing, you can find me reading, spending time with my family or occasionally relaxing with thumb in bum and brain in reverse.

The stories I write require themselves to be told. I can’t get them out of my head unless I write them down.

There are other inspirations to write, one in particular is a desire to record the people that I’ve known, not merely family and friends, but the people with whom I grew up and to whom for the most part pass quietly through life without raising a ripple on the surface of the water. I have a desire to record something of them.
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