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Some girls want a prince charming when all I want is a vampire guy in tight jeans,band shirts,tattoos,piercings,long hair, && no job[;

Hi Creeper.(:

The name is Marley. The nickname is Boo. I'm a real outgoing && crazy kinda person once you know me. I'll be one of the sweetest, nicest, craziest, raddest, most mental person you'll ever meet. I'm obsessed with music, vampires, graveyards, blood, && immortality. I don't got a god unless they're immortal. I believe in monsters && the undead. I know very well that someday vampires will rule this world.
+ Fall Out Boy is my favorite band and always will be. They changed me and I can't be anymore thankful for them because they made me a better person inside and out. They taught me how to love. All 4 of them Andy, Joe, Patrick & Pete ♥ Someone very wise and beautiful had made me realize things about myself I never thought of. That person said I was beautiful, and other things that made me feel really special and it means a lot coming from him especially. It is nice to know that the person cares for me and I care for them myself. I love my friends, family etc. And everyone supporting me/helping me fuel my fire. I have had a handful of put-downs but thats okay because I have people in life that truly matter to me(: ♥

I limit myself on best friends...so I only have a rare amount of best friends. I have a lot of good friends && really really good friends but my ultimate best friends would be Yasmine,Adrian, && Katie. These people all have something special in them cause I wouldn't have named them if they didn't. They are some really great people && I'm glad to have them in my life.♥

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MarleyMarquez MarleyMarquez Oct 15, 2011 05:18PM
@poppysocks No problem. :)
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Walk Away....

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Description: Another poem I wrote. After a breakup.

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