- German 
- Kpop trash
- Obsessed with Got7
- obsessed with Mark and Markson ♡
- Probably obsessed with Jinyoung's voice :')
- Mark is my ultimate baby♡
- B.a.p is bae♡ saw my baby's on the 5th of May in Frankfurt ❤️
- also BTS, Vixx and Shinee ♡
-Jb is trying to wreck me :') But Jackson is also trying :')
-Jb is my King and the best leader ever. He may seem cold hearted and tough sometimes but only real Ahgases know that he's such a Cutie and he's so kind💕
-Mark is the person with the prettiest smile and the cutest laugh on this planet 💕
-Jackson is my favorite human on the whole wide world and he helps me trough so much 💕
-Jinyoung is my savage Prince and also my mom💕
- Youngjae is my sunshine and he's a real angel 💕
-Bambam is my ultimate dabbing King💕
- Yugyeom is my giant baby that can also get very savage and evil💕

Obsessed with Bang Yongguk and Mark Tuan. And also Jackson Wang ^^

I'm obsessed with whole Got7 ^^

Markson is real❤️

Marks smile lets the sun rise and he's a cute fluff ball that I just want to cuddle and never let go ♡
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I GoT tAgGeD
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