"I'm not scared to be seen, I make no apologies: this is me." -The Greatest Showman Ensemble

Hello! I'm Nathan, but that's just my pen name because why not. Fair warning: I cuss like a motherf*cking sailor. That was your one warning.

I like gay shit. Get the fuck over it. Moving on!

-Age: 18 and dead on the inside.

-Gender: Literally whatever. Male, female, it, them, tree, lamp post, attack helicopter, fucking bitch, etc. Im really gender fluid, but that's too complicated, so assign me a noun and get it done with.

-In love with a beautiful woman (but secretly depressingly single, hit me up- (wait no, I'm actually depressed)).

-Star sign: I am literal brain cancer. You will never forget me.

-Warriors Clan: ThunderClan

-My parents are obviously Sherlock and Emma Swan (separately. I'm a child of magic.)

-I am a panromantic homosexual.

-Doki Doki is Oki Doki. And Monika is best girl, bite meh.

-Fandoms: VLD, PJO, CW's DC shows, Marvel, Gravity Falls, Warriors, LESOE, Doctor Who, Steven Universe, RWBY, Zelda, Hamilton, The Fosters, Supernatural, ST, Sherlock, OUAT, Harry Potter, Glee, Pokémon, WTNV, and too many more

-Ships: KLANCE, Percico, Jercy, Bumblebee, Garnet, Jonnor, Grethan (stfu h8rs), Johnlock, Swan Queen, SUPERCORP 😍, Klaine, Cecilos, Hollstein ❤️ and too many more

Oh, stop kink shaming me, you nasties.

"We don't spill tea when it comes to intolerance, honey. We throw the god damn cup." -MacDoesIt

AO3 Account: njmarker13

• If his age is on the clock, he's too young for the cock.
• Do as the royals do, and keep it in the family.
• Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw.
• I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning fanboy. get your facts str8, bitch.

When life gives ya lemons.... READ 'EM!

If you made it this far might as well click the follow button. If you don't, I... don't care.
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